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With our years of experience, eScriptel can help you find the right solution for any situation. eScriptel offers TOTAL solutions, not just a piece of hardware, or just an app. The result is our seamless experience for going paperless.

Hardware Solutions

Our signature pads use easy-to-set-up USB interfaces and are combined with software that is fully integrated. We have a variety of display types and sizes:

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Software Solutions

Our software is fully featured, yet easy to use:

IconWindows, Mac, IOS
and Android support
IconRich Features
IconSimple Document Signing
IconMany Popular Software
Apps Supported

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Complete Solutions

Our solutions are designed for any environment:

We support signature without added hardware:

IconSimple “Click-to-Sign”
IconConvert Mobile Devices

We have bundled solutions that pair the ideal hardware and software combinations:

IconWeb-based or
Installed Software
IconMany Sizes and
IconBest Warranties
IconA Solution for
Every Budget!

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Excellent Support

We provide the support that our customers want!

  • Our expert technical team can assist you every step of the way
  • An easy return policy through RapidCare
  • Warranties for up to 3 years available

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