VPSign VPad 1400 Discontinued

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This product is no longer supported by eScriptel. Previous buyers of this product should visit vpsign.com/support.

The full sized document signature pad

VPSign’s VPad™ is an electronic document product that captures handwritten signatures. It is based on a full-sized LCD tablet computer with an integrated electronic pen, enabling it to display multi-page documents in full size and capture handwritten signatures and modifications. It comes with a North American power supply and either a tethered pen or a wireless pen.


  • Displays documents on high resolution, full page sized color screen
  • Conforms with electronic signature regulations
  • Handles multi-page forms with multiple signatures generated from any local Windows application or from a central form generator
  • Captures key behavior biometric signature information
  • Signature Wizard enables perfectly completed forms
  • Is compatible with Public Key Infrastructure
  • Displays customer-specific advertising messages
  • Connects to a local station just like a USB printer
  • Easily integrates into any computer system, including CRM, ERP, or other information management system




Product Type

Electronic Signature Pad with Full-sized Integrated Color Display

Type of Pen

Wireless Pen, Tethered Pen

Signature Display

Full color 1366×768 display

Pen Type

Wired stylus, wireless stylus with AAA battery

Power Supply

AC Power or battery. (Re-chargeable battery option)

Thin Client / RDP

Supports Citrix and RDP

Product Webpage



Proprietary. (SDK available)


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology


Kensington lock

Levels of Pressure