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Touch signing now available in Sign and Save! It works with our ecosystem of plugins including Microsoft Office, Adobe PDFs and more!

All you need is ScripTouch Sign and Save (a free download) and our new Touch Signing license. Click the button below to visit our eCommerce store,, and purchase a “Touch Signing” license. After your license purchase, you will receive an email telling you how to download and install it.

Because Touch Signing is part of Sign and Save, it will work with all of our plugins like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDFs and others, right out of the box.

Start your 90-day risk-free trial by purchasing this today!

Installation Instructions

Follow the instructions on the Scriptel Wiki page here:

Validating Installation

To validate that your Touch Signing license is installed correctly and working, start Sign and Save.

The light in the lower left corner of Sign and Save will tell you the application’s status:

Sign and Save Status Buttons

  1. If Sign and Save is installed but it detects no signature pad, the light is grey.
  2. If Sign and Save is installed and a signature pad is detected, the light is green and the text says “Connected to <signature pad>.”
  3. If Sign and Save is installed and a Touch Signing license is installed correctly, the light is blue and the text says, “Touch signing is available.”

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