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We sell signature pads with the most popular features: end-to-end USB, backlit displays and rugged construction. Overall, our products and low pricing provide the best e signature solutions for companies looking to save resources and go green.

Our signature pads allow healthcare, legal, retail, banking and other industries to now go paperless! And, because our pads work alongside the competition, you can save money every time you replace a worn-out unit!

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We are the e-commerce site for Scriptel Corporation, one of the industry’s leaders in electronic signature capture pads for digital, handwritten signatures.

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The best electronic signature pads

Our Scriptel pads were engineered from the beginning to provide the same robust technology as our competition. Therefore, our pads feature end-to-end USB, scratch-resistant glass, backlit displays, and a durable, rugged construction. They’re verified Citrix Ready for the healthcare industry.

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The best digital signature pad pricing

We offer the same features, but with a lower price point. And they’ll work alongside our competitor’s pads. Therefore, you can save money by replacing worn-out units as needed, instead of deploying a costly, and complicated, rollout.

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The best eSignature solutions

Bonus: All of our digital signature devices sign PDFs, Word, Excel, OpenOffice Writer and Calc files for FREE.

Just install ScripTouch Sign and Save, which is a free download from our corporate site. Visit Scriptel Plugins page for more information and to download.

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The best signature pad warranty

Our replacement warranty provides you with peace of mind. If your signature pad stops working, contact our support for an overnight replacement. After that, just ship the bad one back to us. Your office won’t be stranded without a working pad while we check out the problem.