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ScripTouch LCDs Shed New Light on UX in eSignature Solutions

Scriptel backlights ST1500B and ST1501B Desktop LCDs for even better performance

COLUMBUS, OHIO (NOV. 1, 2017) — As the year winds down, take time to consider how UX—or user experience—impacts the way you do business.

Scriptel Corporation is a world leader in digitizing technology. One that is revered for its attention to detail, industry best service and commitment to delivering rugged capacitive touch screen and eSignature solutions, which are equal parts reliable and user-friendly.

Fully Equipped for Better UX

In keeping with that tradition, Scriptel recently shed new light on the subject of user experience by rolling out UX-enhancing improvements in two of its most popular eSignature technology products: ST1500B ProScript and ST1501B EasyScript.

With both ScripTouch Desktop LCD product lines now backlit for even better performance, the list of features which make Scriptel electronic signature pads and capture pads user-friendly and appealing is quickly growing:

  • No-Scratch, Backlit LCD
  • Active Battery-Free Pen
  • Mounting Holes
  • Big Non-Slip Rubber Feet
  • USB Interface
  • Durable Casing
  • 3-year Warranty with RapidCare Overnight Exchange

These built-in benefits have an impact on business performance and bottom lines.

How UX Impacts Your Bottom Line

The easier Scriptel makes a given process, the easier it is for retailers, care providers and others to apply its solutions. By improving UX for its own clientele, Scriptel contributes to noticeable improvements in how consumers perceive those businesses.

“Technology has the power to transform people’s lives in meaningful ways,” says Scriptel President & CEO Stephan Herron. “We use it to save you time and money.”

“We do that by streamlining a variety of authentication, document management and information management tasks with a focus on designing and manufacturing handwriting recognition and electronic signature hardware solutions—as well as digital workflow software titles—which are elastic, scalable, responsive and easy to use.”

The result? Increased confidence and satisfaction among end users and consumers.

Putting UX to Work for You

Improving UX and putting it to work is easier than you think. If you manage a healthcare practice, you can quickly expand your team’s patient registration, consent form and electronic health record capabilities while enhancing information security with Scriptel’s Health IT products. All are backed by exceptional service.

Retailers and other business professional can expand their own signature pad capabilities with help from Scriptel. If you’ve already taken steps to introduce paperless technology in the marketplace, leverage that existing infrastructure by using ScripTouch products to reinforce that foundation and outpace the competition in the coming year.

Upgrades to the ST1500B and ST1501B, as mentioned above, also play a role.

A simpler, more pleasant end-user experience leads to higher-quality data collection. This, in turn, makes it easier for workgroups to manage and control the flow of data or information most critical to your organization. So, what are you waiting for?

Scriptel’s ST1500B and ST1501B now let you provide consumers with an even better signing experience. Like all ScripTouch signature pads, they are: verified Citrix-Ready for seamless integration, designed for use in low- or high-traffic settings and capable of capturing 1 Million signatures or more.

Additionally, ScripTouch Sign and Save plugins make easy work of PDF, Word, Excel, Google Docs and Google Sheets document management or file signing. Download your own FREE add-on today at

Are you ready to enhance your UX? Visit Call our Sales Team at (877) 848-6824. Or request a FREE trial online.


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