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UC Mailroom Meets Increased Demand With ScripTouch Technology

Scriptel Corporation Delivers for University of Charleston Students, Staff and Faculty

COLUMBUS, OHIO (JUNE 20, 2017) – Incoming! It used to be that the University of Charleston mailroom processed 20 to 30 packages daily.

Today parcels in need of special handling—particularly those larger than a standard P.O. Box—have begun to arrive at an ever-quickening pace, as trends in online shopping push the number of incoming packages higher. Some are addressed to students. Others are addressed to staff. Still others are addressed to faculty members.

The UC mailroom staff currently processes an average of 150 parcels per day.

“Our legacy mail system was woefully outdated,” explains Brian Baum, senior analyst and developer at the University of Charleston, whose task it was to research and implement an effective digital workflow and electronic signature solution.

Scriptel Corporation’s ScripTouch signature pad series immediately intrigued him.

“We were concerned that our current pressure to modernize would force us to make an ill-informed decision. With Scriptel signature pads, however, we found a solution compatible with our current system and ready (to handle) future upgrades to our IT infrastructure.”

After reviewing Baum’s concerns, the Scriptel sales team recommended a ScripTouch ProScript interface-equipped Magstripe LCD Signature Pad (ST1525). During the 30-day demo period alone, Baum noted, the extent of the interface’s flexibility made for easy integration into UC’s existing system and minimized the need for development.

Scriptel has led the electronic signature pad and digitizer component industries since 1982. The trusted provider of capacitive pen, touch screen and Citrix Ready signature capture device technology offers solutions with a range of professional applications. While Scriptel has partnered with other universities, this was UC’s first foray into eSign technology for the mailroom.

“The University of Charleston’s reach extends around the world,” says Scriptel President and CEO Stephan Herron, “as does our own.”

“We know that an increased presence in the global marketplace brings with it increased responsibility, so we were thrilled to help UC use paperless technology to quickly and securely: manage its incoming parcels, establish a reliable chain-of-custody from receipt through pickup and address its information security needs at every point in between.”

“I also think it’s a hoot that we found a way to make the UC’s Golden Eagle mascot dance across the capture pad whenever its digital signature display launches into screensaver mode. Go, Golden Eagles!”

UC’s previous mailroom system was designed in the early 2000s, when online shopping was still in its early-adopter phase. Today? Online shopping is the norm. As The Wall Street Journal reported, 2016 was the year in which consumers finally tipped the scales and began making “more of their purchases on the web than in stores.”

Scriptel’s custom digitizing solution satisfies three distinct needs for UC, by being:

  • Scalable – keeping pace with evolving trends
  • Efficient – simplifying handling and accountability
  • Secure – enabling student, staff and faculty ID authentication and encryption to make parcel tracking, pickup scheduling and receipt more seamless and reliable

If UPS’s “Pulse of the Online Shopper” report for 2016 is any indication, all three areas are of critical concern. Third-parties like Scriptel have begun playing a large role in the e-commerce experience of those living, learning and working both on- and off-campus.

Indeed, after their initial experience with Scriptel, UC went on to order additional units. Go, Golden Eagles, go! Details can be found at Scriptel.com/case-studies. A 30-day, risk-free trial is available on ScriptTouch products by calling Sales at (877) 848-6824 or filling out this webform.

Scriptel is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. The company offers Top Tier service and software integration support by phone, via email, in person (by appointment) and through social media—most recently via @ScriptelSupport on Twitter.


About Scriptel

Scriptel Corp. (est. 1982) – An innovator in the e-sign and digitizer component industries, Scriptel debuted its first peripheral in the late 1980s. It has since become a trusted leader in capacitive pen and Citrix Ready electronic signature pad technology with POS, healthcare and other professional applications. Software solutions include EasyScript 3.0, ScripTouch Remote and now mSign — turning any mobile device into a wireless signature pad.